Young Stars Ballet Competition

Young Stars Ballet Competition is the only ballet and contemporary dance competition in Romania that offers young dancers real opportunity to win scholarships in some of the most famous ballet schools in Europe and USA.

The idea of this competition was born from the shared desire of Mrs Lorelei Bari’s Association “Moments of Dance and of the “Simona Noja Cultural Foundation” to offer here, in Romania, a chance to demonstrate their ability, to those young talents that wish to develop in a competitive environment that raises to the standards of the big competitions of that kind.

The competition targets dance students with ages between 8 and 22 and it is structured in two categories, based on the number of hours of ballet studies (classical and contemporary), namely nonprofessional category – for less than 8 hours per week, and professional category – for more than 8 hours per week. The competition includes the option for the students to participate in an open class of classical ballet studies offering them the chance to be assessed in more than one variation.

The competition will take place from 15 to 16 Novembre 2014, at the premises of the Cultural Hall of Cluj-Napoca („Casa de Cultură a Municipiului Cluj-Napoca”). The open classes will take place in the classrooms kindly provided by the management of the Cluj-Napoca „Octavian Stroia” Highschool for Coreografy and Dramatic Art, to whom we are grateful!