Young Stars Ballet Competition 2020


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Registration for the Young Stars Ballet Competition via online registration only. With the registration for Young Stars Ballet Competition the participant accepts the conditions of participation and the rules of the competition. Also, every participant or group must send a link to an online video (youtube, vimeo or other websites) of a part of the performance that they intent to present in the competition. You will find the address here:
Young Stars Ballet Competition registration forms must be received no later than January 15, 2020.

PLAYBACK MUSIC (MP3 audio format)
The accompaniment should be labeled with your name/group name/title of dance/class code and sent via e-mail to
Ex: Ana Ionescu/Variation Giselle/CL3PSOLO
In addition, every participant has to have a copy of the musical pieces (only one piece per CD!) used in the performances. Every musical piece should be provided in a good quality.

Please read the competition rules carefully: PDF

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All fees are payable upon application, however, no later than __/01/2020.